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GraphUpdateScene - layered sloping surfaces

I’ve faced very unconvinient problem with sloping surfaces. As you can see on screenshot there are ladders leaning against a wall.

When I add GraphUpdateScene + RecastMesh to them I can’t make it to bake unwalkable only on ledder - ground under it comes unwalkable too. I’ve tried to modify GraphUpdateScene points manually but it always is recrangle, no mater what I do. Is there a setting that can fix this one (NavmeshCut is not an option, unwalkable is only for “debugging” reason, there will be walkable layer but with penalty)?

GraphUpdateScene relies on AABB axis aligned bounding boxes, unless you specify the points. (which would pretty much be the same result as there is so few nodes here).

Take a look at GraphUpdateShape, and see if it works better for you.

Alternatively, depending on your gameplay etc you could make the ladders a NodeLink, though NodeLink doesn’t support tags, it’s rather easy to add.
I can share my version if need be.

Thanks for quick answer.
Both solutions sounds good, but NodeLink is not “flexible” I guess, that means that if level designer changes enviro then he has to change NodeLinks too (thats not acceptable for me, I had to do system that works “out of the box” for level designer).
GraphUpdateShape looks promising, from documentation and code I’ve figure out that when I use points on GraphUpdateScene it creates GraphUpdateShape. It is better but still I have unwalkable area under ladders. Problably I’m missing sth.

Min bounds height is set to 21 but it changes nothing, it was default, then 0.1, then 21, result was the same.

You can make the nodelinks part of your ladder prefab. That way LD can move then as often as they want. A simple rescan later it will still work

Ok, good idea, I will try this. Can you share NodeLinks with tags?

Here is a patch file with the changes I made to get this working:

Not sure how good this upgrade is though, since it will effect ALL connections in the game, not only for nodelinks. ( there is a bunch of unity files also in this Patch, I don’t have the time to clean it up at the moment )

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