GraphUpdateObject taking longer than Scan

Hi there!

I’ve downloaded the current beta version with promising results regarding performance of the Recast graph in my dynamic environment using the burst compiler.

Just now I’ve noticed that scanning the whole graph (256x100x256) takes very little time (about 200-400ms) compared to updating smaller portions of the graph using GraphUpdateObjects (around 2.5 seconds for each 64x100x64 chunk).

Is this intended behaviour? Do I need to alter my update code to use the burst variant as well? Currently I have the following update code running in my pathfinder:

        private void UpdateGraph(Bounds bounds) {
            var updateObject = new GraphUpdateObject(bounds);
            Debug.Log($"Updating pathfinding at {bounds}.");


Okay, I just checked the changelog and apparently you’re not using Burst to update graphs yet. Too bad, I really love the performance improvements scanning my graph with Burst gave me!

Do you have an approximate itinerary on when burstified graph updates for the Recast graph are coming to the beta?