GraphUpdateObject not working

I have a gate that the character should not try to walk through.

In order to do this I use the GraphUpdateObject to set the bounds around a gate to tag 1

GraphUpdateObject guo = new GraphUpdateObject(startingBounds);
guo.modifyTag = true;
guo.setTag = tag; // tag = 1
guo.updatePhysics = false;;

I have seeker on my character, I set valid tags are everything except 1 (you can verify by the screenshot)

Yet the character still walks through the gate. I sporadically see the area turn green or red as the character walks around, but in any case it is not colored in this screenshot (which happens just from pushing play).

I am also using AIPath.cs if that is relevant. I tried setting GraphUpdateObject.updatePhysics=true but it didn’t fix the problem.

What is funny is the very first path will go around the gate, as if the GraphUpdateObject was working.

But then AIPath.cs will update again and the path will go through the gate, as per the screenshot.

I was able to fix this by increasing the bounds by


Ok. That likely means that your original bounding box didn’t actually enclose the nodes on all axes.