Graphmask on StartPath not working


I’m using different grid graphs for navigation, having connected nodes between them (they are not actually linked, they are just in the same point in space).

So what I’d like to do was to have agents automatically go from one grid to the other, but they can only calculate paths on a single grid. Am I doing something wrong? I have tried with many different options, including activating the flag “Full Get Nearest Node Search” on the AstarManager.

So the trick I’m doing is to have the agent calculate the path to the nearest node on the first grid he is in, then, when he reaches the end of that path, calculate a new path on the other grid to proceed.

To do this, I’m calling StartPath (Vector3 start, Vector3 end, OnPathDelegate callback, int graphMask), where I provide the graphMask as ~(1 << (currentGraphMask)). The problem is that the parameter is correct (it sends a zero on the correct index), but when the path has finished calculating, I check the path.nnConstraint.graphMask and it has no restrictions (it is 0xFFFFFFFF). I have the free version, is it the problem?

What can I do to solve this? My priority is to have the agents calculate paths on multiple grids. If that is not possible, how can I correct the graphMask issue?

Thanks in advance


Sorry for the late answer.
Yes the graphMask parameter is a pro feature only (also noted in the docs).