Graph Update - shift + clic not working

Ok, this is a bit stupid but is the point adding feature of graph scene for PRO only? I add the Graph Update Scene on an empty object, put on the position tool , presss shift and start clicking but nothing happens no points are added? what am I doing wrong here?


Possibly nothing is behind the cursor?
When a click is detected it will do a raycast, but if nothing is in the way it does not know where to put the new point.

I mean im trying to set the area I want to change the tags of some nodes on top of my grid graph. Im clicking on top of my grid graph.

Yes. But the editor script is using the unity’s scene picker functionality, and that requires that something is on the screen. Make sure there is some mesh (like a plane or something) that you can click on. The grid graph itself is not considered by Unity’s scene picker.