Graph Update Scene not working with Polygon Colliders 2D

Hi Aron,

First let me say I love the asset. I am currently having problems trying to define penalties using the GUS and PolygonCollider2D, it says it takes the points from the collider, but when I hit scan a new area is not shown in debug or penalties are not being applied. The grid graph and the GUS object are both in z=0 and it shows as intersecting the volume.

Also, while I am at it you might be able to help. I want to figure out a good workflow for a 2D map that will have roads, forests, unpassable mountains, marshes and the like, the usual stuff. What would be the easiest way of defining penalties for those? I noticed theres an advanced way of factoring penalties by using a texture, which I got working correctly, but its only 3 channels so I don’t see it effective enough, if I could define all the different tags however that would be easier than dropping PolygonColliders for roads for example, I would just paint them in photoshop.

Thanks in advance!