Graph doesnt work in build

So, at first I ran into an issue, where I had static batching enabled for objects used for navmesh generation. I disabled static batching for that object, the warning went away and Scan started working properly both before Play and during Play.

However when I build for Android, all agents seem to appear in the center (similar behavior like it was in editor with static batching during play mode), so it seems in build it is somewhy fails to scan the graph.

What can I do to make it consistent with the Editor?


Check the player log if there’s anything to be found there.

@aron_granberg you mean device logs?

Btw, I noticed that after build in Unity Editor graph also dissappears. Maybe some other static flags also conflicting? I disabled only static batching.

Yes. The device logs for the game.

@aron_granberg yeah, I found error:

11-03 00:37:51.224 3037 3086 E Unity : Not allowed to access triangles/indices on mesh ‘Combined Mesh (root: scene) 2’ (isReadable is false; Read/Write must be enabled in import settings)

Thanks! Rebuilt and its working now.