Graph Display missing


I lost the graph display window in the editor (the one on the bottom right).
I tried creating empty projects, switching between URP and Built-in, different unity versions (2021+), turning gizmos on and off, regenerating graphs… but I cannot get it back. Any ideas? It was working ok a few days ago and suddenly it disappeared, and I don’t remember disabling it manually, idk if that’s even possible.

A* Pathfinding Project pro version 4.2.18 (latest stable)
URP is updated to latest stable.

edit 2:
Switching Show Graphs in the inspector works fine, but the Graph Display window is still missing.
Found this thread: Problem with 4.3.10 beta & HDRP - no graph display - Support Forum ( But it has been almost 4 years (and on hdrp which im not using).

edit 3:

OH BOY, FOUND THE PROBLEM! Turns out having your monitor scaling at 125% makes that window disappear :smiley:


Interesting bug and fix!
Not sure if it’s something I can do to fix. Seems like it’s more likely a unity issue. But I’m not 100% sure.

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Yeah totally looks like a Unity issue. I’m not sure if it’s possible but maybe using a draggable window may help in these situations (like the tools panel on the next screenshot). I looked for a while but couldn’t figure out how to make a window draggable.

But I managed to move it. For anyone interested in a workaround I changed the location of the window to the top with this line

GUILayout.BeginArea(new Rect(60, 5, width - margin, height - margin), "Graph Display", astarSkin.FindStyle("SceneBoxDark"));

In AstarPathEditor.DrawSceneGUISettings (around line 652).

Not the best place but works with scaled screen at least.

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