Gizmos not showing until i switch to game window

Recompilation erases all gizmos

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create GameObject with MonoBehaviourGizmos script
public class Example : MonoBehaviourGizmos {
    public override void DrawGizmos () {
        using (Draw.InLocalSpace(transform)) {
  1. Switch back to Unity Editor window and wait for it to recompile. At this point no gizmos drawn or erased and thats is a problem.
  2. Switch to Game window
  3. Switch back and here it is, all gizmos are drawn again

Unity 2020.1.15f
Universal RP 8.2.0
Aline 1.3.1


Thank you for reporting this issue.
So you mean that even if you move the camera around in the scene view after a recompile, it will not draw any gizmos?

Yeap and nothing happens even if i toggle gizmos button