[GIF] Weird non-4-directional movement in 2d top down, 4 connections in A* already set

I have an issue in my 2d top down game, the NPC is following the path, but it walks diagonal - I already set connections in A* to 4 connections instead 8.
I tried to set in AIPath the Pick Next Waypoint Distance to 0.5 instead of 1.4 making sure it will go as near as possible before walking to next point to avoid diagonal movement, but no chance.
But when setting to 0.5, it’s sliddering over the point and than turns back to the point, like it has to much speed. Could this be a problem caused by Rigidbody2D?
First GIF is with 0.5f PickNextwayPointDistance, second is with 1.4f

I would be so glad for help, this is crippling my head, don’t know what to do :S



Inspector Settings:

Solved: Using AILerp

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