GG / AILerp slow down agent based on penalty

In the .cs summary of gridNodeBase.penalty, it says "Penalty cost for walking on this node.
This can be used to make it harder/slower to walk over certain nodes.
A cost of 1000 () corresponds to the cost of moving 1 world unit.

	See: graph-updates (view in online documentation for working links)"

Does AStar have a built-in “make it harder/slower to walk over certain nodes” feature? Or is that something I have to do myself? I have been using my own for a while, but if there is an official one, or one running in the background, Id rather not be doubling those calculations.


You can use penalties or tags to discourage agents from moving over particular nodes. However, the speed of the agent when walking will not change automatically. That is something you have to do yourself.

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