Getting nearest walkable node with tag search (and ispathpossible)


I found this function to be able to search for if a path is possible using tags:

bool IsPathPossible (

| --- | --- | --- |


But I don’t know how to get the GraphNode list to feed into the function. Is the GraphNode list supposed to be the units/agents calculated path? How do I create this list and give it to the function?

My goal is to have my unit/agent path to the nearest walkable node, but using both regular unwalkable nodes, and tags that the agent is not supposed to path on.

Then, even if I determine that a path is not walkable (tags included), my next step is to be able to find the nearest node that is walkable to the location desired (again accounting for unwalkable tags in the search as well).

I am using a fairly old version now (3.8.6), but the function is still there.

Thanks for any help.