GetNearest() when using overlapping graphs?

What happens if I want to get a listing of every node that is nearest to a point per graph? I notice how GetNearest() checks every graph for the nearest point and then returns the nearest point from any graph, but what if I wanted GetNearest() to check a specific graph for ITS nearest point so that when 2 graphs overlap along with the nodes, I can have access to both nodes when using GetNearest()?

The NNConstraint class, which is used to limit the search for the GetNearest function has a variable called graphMask. You can use it to specify exactly which graphs to search.
for (int i=0;i<32;i++) { NNConstraint nn = NNConstraint.None; //Or .Default if you want to ignore unwalkable nodes nn.graphMask = 1 << i; Node closest = (somePosition, nn).node; }
The above code searches all graphs individually (at most 32 graphs supported since it is a bitmask).