GetNearest using ITraversalProvider

Hey Aron,

I was working on some systems towards implementation of influence maps.
(Though I might do a much smaller scale approach depending on the results I get)

And while doing this I had the joy of the ITraversalProvider, great little interface to easily make changes to the pathfinding on the fly.

However I don’t feel a lack of transition from path manipulation towards the GetNearest function, yes I could just make a custom NNConstraint, and that would work though that’d end up in a lot of duplicate code. Wouldn’t another override for GetNearest, using the ITraversalProvider interface be a valid option? What are your thoughts?


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Not unreasonable. I really want to rewrite the whole NNConstraint thing. It was designed a looong time ago…

I agree that there could be some merge of these systems.

In case anyone is interested in this, I wrote the code to make this work. Though it’s rather untested (Seems to work on grid graphs). Made using version 4.2.8 of A*

Download the Git.Patch here:

Using these systems more, I tend to lean more towards a merge of the NNConstraint and ITraversableProvider. It’s definitely something I’d like to try also.

ps. Apologies for the 5 Month bump