Get the neighbors


Can I get the 8 neighbors of a node independently whether they are connected or not?

Thank you

Yes. Prepare for a bit messy code:
GridNode node = //Some node here

GridGraph graph = GridNode.gridGraphs[node.GetGridIndex()];

int index = node.GetIndex();

int x = index % graph.width;
int z = index/graph.width;

//Loop through neighbours
for (int i=0;i<8;i++) {
//Find the coordinates for the neighbour
int nx = x+graph.neighbourXOffsets[i];
int nz = z+graph.neighbourZOffsets[i];

//Make sure it is not out of bounds
if (nx < 0 || nz < 0 || nx >= graph.width || nz >= graph.depth) {

GridNode other = (GridNode)graph.nodes[index+graph.neighbourOffsets[i]];

That’s basically what the grid node does internally when getting neighbours. I have no build in function for it, so you will have to do with this code.
You might also want to use the grid graph directly to get node info.