Generating navmesh with RecastGraph vs Unity

I have a bunch of procedurally generated chunks of mesh in my game and baking them in runtime with Unity’s NavMesh Components takes a total of about 30-40s, which is of course less than ideal. I’m wondering if using the methods provided in this package would be a lot faster but unfortunately can’t test it out as RecastGraph seems to a Pro feature. I’d like to see how the two compare before spending $100 on the package. Anyone able to give any notes on the speed/performance differences?


The beta version has a burstified version of the recast graph which is quite fast (beta is available here:

I just tried to use Unity’s UnityEditor.AI.NavMeshBuilder.BuildNavMesh() function and compared it to this package when using comparable input and settings. The result on my tests scene was that Unity’s took 1450ms and my package took about 350ms. Mileage may vary with scene complexity, number of cores on your machine etc. But at least in this test my package was significantly faster.

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