Gap between 2 terrains with Recast


It seems Recast creating separate navmeshes for 2 terrains that are adjacent to each other. Here’s a pic:

I’ve searched the forums for it, there was 1 post about it mentioning climb and height settings, unfortunately those don’t have any effect. Terrains are also perfectly square.

I haven’t tried pathfinding with this yet, but nodes between the 2 meshes are not connected. Is there a way to fix this? Or any way to get around it?


What version are you using?

Latest version of the package (from asset store) and latest version of Unity.


I tried bunch of stuff, it seems if I set the terrain sample size to 1, it can connect the 2 terrains. However, due to the large size of the terrain we have, it takes a rather long time to generate even the smaller sized graphs.

Are there any other ways of connecting 2 terrains via recast? Any input is appreciated.


Ok… Are you sure those terrains line up correctly? I can see a very clear edge. Try raising the Max Climb limit.

Terrains are stiched. I can reproduce the same thing on 2 empty terrains as well. Max climb limit doesn’t seem to have an effect, even after raising it to ridiculous levels.

Here’s a pic:

A little bump, still having this issue.

I still have this issue. Scanning takes 5 hours due to this, It makes iteration a pain. Can send you an example project with 2 empty terrains, replicating the same issue. Walkable height or walkable climb does nothing. Only thing that affects it is the terrain sample size.

Some info would be a lot better than getting ignored repeatedly. Is this the intended behavior?


No, this is not the intended behaviour. If you could send me an example project that would be great! :slight_smile:

Sorry for taking such a long time answering. I have a lot of other work to do at the moment.

I sent you an example project via PM.

Ok, I found the issue. The weird thing is that I definitely remember that I have fixed this issue before… Somehow the old fix must have got lost or something.
Anyway, I have uploaded a new version of the project ( with the fix included.

Awesome, thank you very much :slight_smile:

I still have this issue.
I’m currently using version, and I’m seeing gaps between terrains.
I’ve also tried the fixes suggested in earlier posts of this topic (Terrain Sample Size = 1 and Max Climb limit).
I’ve also finely adjusted both terrains so that there are no visible gaps between them.

Any suggestions?

Latest version that I got is, which doesn’t have any problems with either intersecting, or neighboring terrains.


Is it possible for you to upload a small project which shows the issue?