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Game object stuck when traveling on spherical surface

Hi again!
We’ve been trying to get smooth movement around a spherical navmesh, and our game objects are constantly getting stuck and not being able to travel across the entire navmesh surface.

Once again, any help would be appreciated, we’re stuck :sweat_smile:


I really don’t have enough information to help you here. How is it getting stuck?

The path is being generated properly, the problem that we are having is the lack of auto-orientation. Our game objects are getting stuck because they are not travelling across the sphere properly. Some objects can move more than others based on their spawn position and rotation. We’ve been looking into different methods we can use to achieve proper orientation along the surface. Do you know of any methods yourself?


That description is still extremely vague, I have no idea what to tell you.
With the AIPathAlignedToSurface script what it does is essentially to just shoot a ray downwards and align itself to the normal of the hit collider.