Game immediately pauses on start after upgrading to beta

This is a weird one, and super duper annoying.

On a side project, I upgraded from the Asset Store version to the beta. Now each time I start the game in the editor, it immediately pauses.

It is as if Error Pause is triggering, but there are no errors.

I have searched all files in the entire project (all code, including packages and my own) for Debug.Break, Debug.DebugBreak, and isPaused = true, and although a few exist in the pathfinding project, they’re all commented out.

I can prove that it is indeed the pathfinding project, because if I disable the pathfinder in the project, the weird pausing behavior no longer occurs.

Any ideas?

That’s odd. There’s nothing in this package that would cause the game to pause. I’ve never seen or heard about a similar issue :confused:

It appears that it only happens when the degenerate triangles warning appears.

If I were to take an extremely wild guess, I am wondering if threaded work is throwing an exception, and Unity’s Error Pause (which I always have enabled) is catching it…?

It seems mighty consistent to me: have the game running, have error pause enabled, trigger a rebake (like I do when I open a locked door in my game). If you get a degenerate triangles warning, the game will also pause in editor.

Would you be willing to give that a try?