Game gets stucked when using UpdateGraphs in Spherical World

Hello everybody,here is my question:

I want to make dynamic obstacle on spherical world by using ‘UpdateGraphs’,but it will bring a question which will cause game stucked by several seconds.Has anyone ever encountered such a problem? And how did you solve it? :speech_balloon:


In case even a single update takes too long. I’m afraid there is not much that can be done at the moment.
The graph is just too large for it to be updated efficiently using the current code.
It is possible to make algorithmic improvements to the navmesh graph update, but it’s a bit complex and it’s not something I have on the roadmap right now since updating navmesh graphs is something very rare to have to do.

You could possibly use your own code to manually set the node.Walkable property more efficiently if you use some kind of lookup structure. But i’m not sure if it would be that much faster.