[Free Version] Making A* turn when an object or another enemy is in front

I’m making a turn based RPG. How can I make the a* move in a curve as if ignoring the enemy in front?

Is it possible in the free version or only in the pro?


Could you elaborate a bit or maybe explain what you want to do with an image?

Got this image from another thread here but the same applies to what I wanted, but in 3D.


After you have moved a unit, you would update the graph where it ended up to set that node as unwalkable (or set a tag). Then other units will avoid that node. When you move a unit you will first have to make the node it stands on walkable.
See http://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/graph-updates.php

So, I need to have GraphUpdateScene script on all AIs to achieve the avoidance?

I’m also working on a system similar to this, but in 2D, on tiles. I haven’t quite gotten it figured out, but the approach is basically to have a method in my controller script (also attached to whatever my Seeker is), that creates a GraphUpdateObject that covers a small area where my character is, and sets the walkability of the GUO to false, before calling AstarPath.active.UpdateGraphs(myGUO).

This has been proving to be pretty tricky with multiple Seekers, however, since they lack any type of Local Avoidance in the free version. I’ve got it mostly working, but they still tend to walk onto unwalkable nodes (where another Seeker has set them as such) and through each other sometimes, and I haven’t ironed it out correctly yet :confused: