Free version - graph disappearing

Greetings, I’m using the free 4.2.15 version.

I have been encountering this weird bug in 2D pathfinding.

Before each time I click the play button in the inspector, I need to select the GameObject the Pathfinding (AStarPath) is attached to in the inspector; otherwise, the script would not initialize as if it did not exist.
Therefore, causing “There are no graphs in the scene” error. And there really is no graph under my A* GameObject, the existing graph was just gone.

And also, the Scan on awake under settings also doesn’t work, I need to manually click the scan button for the graph to update.

Then I tried creating a new GridGraph through script during runtime.
It would even cause “NullReferenceException at AstartData.cs at line 537”.

I used;
I’m sure that all scripts are executed from Start() functions, not Awake().
I have tried putting A* related scripts earlier in the execution order.
I have tried re-importing the package.
I have also tried yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame()
Then I even created a singleton to get direct reference to the Pathfinding script, but nothing works.

Please advise. Thank you.


Are you using any enter play mode settings? This package requires that Enter play mode options -> Reload Scene must be enabled.