FollowerEntity agent wiggle left and right looking for path

My pathfinding is almost complete. I noticed that the agent stops to turn left and right vigorously at certain points where elevations changes. I guess he is searching for a path. It looks a bit unsightly for him to turn 180 several times. Is there a solution for that?


I’m guessing you are using a grid graph on non-flat ground?
I think I know what’s causing this, and I hope to have a fix for the next update.

Yes, I am running a test scene that is more undulating than the levels will be. It seems to be more of a problem with little ridges like the kind generated by terrain builtin_brush_6. I have seen it happen right at the edge of a ridge that is too steep for the agent. He stops and rotates repeatedly.

I’ll include a fix in the next update. Let me know if that solves it for you.

I updated to 5.1.4 and have not seen the agent wiggling.

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