Follower Entity pathfinding issue


Yesterday I upgraded to the new major release (5.0.1) in a Unity 2022.3 project and replaced the unit’s AIPath with the new FollowerEntity component. Before the movement script change, units were avoiding specific tags and weighted areas (on a Grid Graph).

Now they ignore tags (even if set to be unwalkable) and their penalties. An example of how I set the unit destination is as so (and only done once until reaching its destination):


What I find is the initial path looks to take into account the tag areas to avoid, but then a few frames later it updates and simply tries to move directly to the target in a straight line.

Initial path avoiding tag areas:

A short time later it changes to this:

Follower Entity settings:

Follower Entity tag settings:


I’m not sure if this is my lack of understanding and perhaps there is a setting or value that needs changing to make this work, but I’ve tried changing what I can and can’t get this to work.



The FollowerEntity currently has a limitation in that it does not consider penalties when simplifying its path. This will be fixed soon in a future update. It will plan around the penalties like before, but as you’ve seen, it quickly thinks it can take a shorter path. I just didn’t have time to fix this before the release.

It should take the tag walkability into account, though. I even have unit tests for this…
In your picture, which nodes are non-traversable?

That’s good to know about penalties, I’ll keep an eye out for when that gets added in a future update.

In the example, the blue areas are set to Tag 1 - which I have set Traversable to false in the Follower Entity component (as seen in the final picture) for the unit in the example. The green areas are Tag 2.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Strange. I’ll double-check that there isn’t anything wrong with my unit tests.

In case this helps, if I set the object to Unwalkable via the GraphUpdateScene object, then the unit will path around it:

But when the GraphUpdateScene object sets the Tag to 1 (and doesn’t modify Walkability), and I set the Follower Entity to Unwalkable for Tag 1, it ignores it (as seen in the first images).