FloodPath + Recast Graph non functional

Have been retrying this with latest 5.x builds and it does not seem to work anymore (tried it previously with 4.X builds a while ago and it worked ok) - basically the tracer returns a path of 2 nodes instead of a valid path. FloodPath + Tracer works fine with grid path but non functional with recast, has it been broken with the recent 5.X changes?

I confirmed by swapping out the grid graph in the PathTypes example scene for a recast graph - it fails on example also.

Pinned it down to OpenAtPoint in TriangleMeshNode.cs, specifically the optimization that is done when conn.edgesAreIdentical is true seems to mess up building up FloodPath, commenting out that bit of optimization seems to make floodpath work with recast.

Almost works doing above, with RichAI is ok. But FollowerEntity does not like the path from the flood tracer, seems to fail setting get portals for the funnel.

FYI for anyone else who may want this to work again until a proper fix is available, to get FollowerEntity working you need to modify the FloodPathTracer Trace method to check whether previous node is same as current node before adding to path list and vectorPath list.

I think you can check the release notes and reported issues for any known problems or changes in Recast graph handling. make sure your graph settings align with any new requirements in the 5.x builds. You need to updated documentation and seeking help from community forums or the library’s issue tracker can also provide insights or solutions.