FloodPath and Tag constraint, results don't seem constrained? [solved, but strange]

I figured out the issue, though unsure why it works…
I am applying a Tag of 2 (1<<1) to nodes at runtime, my FloodPath enabled tags was 2 as well (not OR’d with anything else), since I only want it to use nodes with that bit flag set. But for some reason it needs to be 4 in order for it to work. (0100 instead of 0010)

So it appears whatever I set on path.enabledTags needs to be shifted to the left one bit. I might have missed something in the docs about this, but either way, it works great as expected.

Trying to use FloodPath to get all nodes accessible from a specific start node.

I’ve tried both the floodPath.enabledTags and also assigning an NNConstraint to the FloodPath.nnConstraint which has constrainTags set to true, along with the tags bitmask set.

The FloodPath.Parents is including all nodes connected however, I would expect it to stop flooding (like a flood fill) if there are no more neighbor nodes with the Tag present, like in this example image (expected result is the region of nodes on the right would exist in floodPath.Parents )

Is there a chance I’m setting up the constraint incorrectly, or is it only the FloodPathTracer which would work this way? The goal is to flood fill out almost a fog of war where the flood fill cannot pass nodes missing a certain tag. ( i would be using the floodpath parents as the source of data for this )

If you are applying a tag of 2 to the nodes, then the ‘enabledTags’ field should be set to 1 << 2 = 4. ‘enabledTags’ is a bitmask and every node has just a single tag value. It seems you have thought the node’s Tag field is a bitmask while the ‘enabledTags’ field is not?