Flood path with more than one target

Does it possible to edit flood path, so it can support more than one target at one scan?
If this can be possible, scaling targets won’t make much performance difference.

My game is zombie shooter game. With lots of enemies (more than 100, maybe 200), and I also want to add more than one players. Map will be grid graph, made of around 1.200 nodes (20*60). Also I’m going to add wall placement mechanic for players (walls will edit nodes penalties).

In case I manage to edit the flood path code, I will scan entire map every second.

What should I do, should I edit flood path script or use multi target pathfinding.

I also downloaded the 4.3.55 beta version, since it uses burst compiler.


This is not possible at the moment. Though you may be interested in MultiTargetPath - A* Pathfinding Project