Finetuning point graph with angle limit instead of distance only?

Im generating my points with a curve tool ( curvy ) and use this for my navigation. I’m running into two issues:

I have many parts of my world I need to connect, but either their distances are too big where they should meet or some nodes are in proximity that shouldn’t connect at all.

It becomes extremely tedious to connect loose ends by adding in between points and there doesn’t seem to be a way to separate certain points in certain cases.

In some cases it’s more desired to scan in straight lines/the heading of the object, or at least selecting specific points and let force the graph to be updated with those points connected.

Any advice/thought on how I can proceed?


You could either modify the PointGraph class or make a subclass and override the IsValidConnection method.
That will allow you to create more complex checks for which connections are possible and which are not.

That sounds pretty neat. Ill look into that, thanks.