Finding NavmeshCut Object(s) that are Isolating Areas


I was wondering how could one go about finding the navmesh cut game object(s) that are separating a graph into isolated areas? Any and all help is much appreciated!


This is not possible, I’m afraid. There’s no code that stores the necessary information.

You could enable them one by one and see how many you can enable until the regions are not connected anymore, I suppose. But it wouldn’t be that efficient.

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No worries!

Is there a way to get a count of how many areas are in a level? Or figure out when a specific navmesh cut is being applied to / overlapping with a graph? If both of these are possible, I could try to devise some system that throws them in a stack whenever they begin cutting the graph. Then I’d have the order on which they were applied and whenever the area count changes, just pop the last one off the top. Or something similar?