Find two paths that don't go through the same links if possible

I have two secondary characters that follow the player character around the game world. I am using A* Pro to generate the path for them (by calling AstarPath.StartPath(…)). Due to having a previous pathing system in place before purchasing the plugin, I take the resulting ABPath and transmute it into my own custom path data type, so I can have a unified format for storing character paths that can be used in different parts of the engine (both runtime and editors). This also allows me to specify actions taken at specific nodes (i.e. Jump/Fall). The characters then follow this path using a custom AI system.

One issue I am having is that the characters tend to take the same path, and indeed the same links. This means the characters will often bunch up and appear inside eachother. There are probably quite a few ways I could solve this problem on the AI path following side, but I wanted to know if there was something I could use during the generation of the path itself to find a path, then find a second path that tried take a different route then the first path if at all possible.

Thanks for your time.