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Feature understanding pre-purchase

I am looking to purchase the program specifically for a 3D turn based game I am working on. I currently have a working bread first search algorithm but for future proofing (and my newer level of knowledge to unity) I was looking to this asset. Essentially I would need the following and was just wanting to confirm it is possible pre-purchase.

The main feature I am unsure on reading into was something to react differently to available movement terrains, I’ve seen the penalty function but if there was a grid location that was say “Forest” which if you enter would end your movement and half your movement at the start of next turn, is there a way to make this essentially avoided by general path finding but if it is the destination tile still able to enter?

The second thing would be how the pathfinding reacts to different heights and jump settings. For example running vs flying units to travel to different elevations.


That particular rule cannot be created. However you can add a large penalty to forest tiles which will make the pathfinding try to traverse as few of those as possible.

That’s best done using a separate graph if the differences as sufficiently complex. See

Though to be honest: for a turn based game it might be easier for you to use your custom BFS instead of a library like this. Performance likely won’t be critical for your purposes and it might be easier to incorporate very game specific rules in a custom BFS.