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Feature Request: RichAI External Movement

I would like to be able to have an “External Movement” setting on the RichAI component. When this is on, RichAI would process everything as normal except for the actual movement of the object. Instead, the desired movement would be used within my own code where I have more complex requirements.

In my case, all my agents are non-kinematic rigidbodies and I need to deal with them in a special way. They are physics based, get launched around a lot, and sometimes go off mesh or out of bounds.

I have achieved this and is working well. I modified some of the RichAI and base code, and added an interface. RichAI does everything except the movement, which it sends to my code. It is a pain to add back in every time I update Astar though and would love if this sort of functionality were included.


Have you looked at

That looks exactly like what I need. Kicking myself it was there the whole time.

If I am calling this during fixed update, does it make sense to set MovementUpdate to Time.fixedDeltaTime?


I literally just asked that prior
Some codes inside too

Yes, that makes sense.