Faster loading big recast graphs


I have multiple big recast graphs. So I decided to save them in the file and load them during the start.
The issue is it takes quite a lot of time and during that time the loading screen is frozen.
Is it somehow possible to load it faster (multithreading, load every graph in a separate thread or something like that?). Or at least to do it in the way that the main thread is not frozen?

Thanks for your help!

Currently, loading graphs cannot be done asynchronously, I’m afraid.
Scanning the graph can be done asynchronously, however, so I suppose you could try doing that, if it doesn’t take too long.

You could also hypothetically use multiple NavmeshPrefab components, and load them one at a time. Though I’m not sure if this will be worth it, considering each NavmeshPrefab has some amount of loading overhead too.

I am just wondering. If you are saying “currently”, does it mean it is gonna happen? Maybe in some near future?

Thanks a lot!