Fast movement and avoiding getting stuck?


Im using RichAi + Recast graph and RootMotion to move my characters. I have a sprint animation where the characters move fast and I notice while they are moving they are quickly turning left and right its like a jittering effect (funnel simplification is turned on). The more I increase the “Rotation Speed” property of RichAi the more visible this effect is. But if I keep it low (below 200) my characters cant turn on time and they get stuck and cant move.

Any ideas?


Hmm, I’m not quite sure what could cause this. Possibly the acceleration for the agent is too low? You could try to increase it.

Im using root motion, is that still an option to increase the acceleration?


Root motion is very tricky. I would take a closer look at the root motion code. Possibly the velocity that the agent wants it to move with does not correspond to what your root motion code actually makes the agent move with. Also, do you think you could post a vide of this happening?