Falling through navmesh

Hey Aron,

Maybe this is something you already met, I am struggling to debug precisely. I have a bridge, which has very small holes between wooden parts and it is part of the navmesh recast graph with “mesh collider”. Normally nobody falls through, as their colliders are a lot bigger than those holes.

However, rarely when unit is changing AnimatorController (my guess, because it only happened so far during attack when override controller is applied/removed for specific weapons) while standing on a bridge - it might fall through. (Maybe its unrelated though)

As for the settings, I dont use Unity Gravity. But on AIPath i have custom gravity enabled and setting “constrain inside graph”. Maybe its the raycast of the script hits the hole?

What possible solutions I could consider besides making an invisible mesh inside the bridge?



If you have very small holes that should never actually be used for anything, my suggestion is that you change your collider to better represent what you want. Use a box collider or a simplified mesh collider.