Examples of Updating a Point Graph in a 2D enviroment?

Currently, only AstarPath.active.Scan() works for me, it is however slow in a 50 x 50 tiles map

Is there an example scene using UpdateGraphScene or UpdateGraphObject? I followed the examples here, but it doesn’t seems to work for me. The node is gone, but the connections still remain.

Current progress: instead of using AstarPath.active.Scan() or UpdateGraphObject, I’m using

//some code to set tile to solid or not solid
            some code...

            //change the walkability instead of removing or adding nodes
            node.Walkable = !solid;

            //need to reset ai everytime a node has change or else ai will walk through solid wall
            GameObject.Find("Follower").GetComponent<AILerp>().enabled = false;
            GameObject.Find("Follower").GetComponent<AILerp>().enabled = true;

I’m not sure how much resources this will consume on a map with more followers, but this is by far the smoothest solution I found


Are you using the free or the pro version?

Also, you mention a 50x50 tiles map, but you say you are using a point graph? Usually for a grid based world you use a grid graph.