Example12_Procedural: ProceduralGridMover and LayerGridGraph

Hey Aron

Thanks for your time and your tool!

The Example12_Procedural example has one downside. It works only with GridNode, not LayerGridNode.

After months using your tool I got used to a number of your classes. However, I see that an xyz update (LayerGridNodeGenerator.cs) of the nodes is sligthly different to an xy update (GridGenerator.cs) in your framework. I see that I have to call CalculateConnections() and the walkability part (node.Walkable etc.). But I could be mistaken.

May I ask, if you can spare some time, if you could rewrite the ProceduralGridMover.cs by adding a UpdateLayerGraph() method for a LayeredGridGraph to it? It’s just too important, not only for performance reasons. I’m not in a hurry.

Best, Rafael

Sorry for the late answer.

I have that on my todo list, but right now I do not have the time unfortunately.
It is a bit more complicated for a layered grid graph since it cannot always just reuse nodes, it must actually create new nodes on the fly sometimes.

Hi Aron, if I could get LayeredGridGraph and ProceduralGridMover working, or if I at least had some starter code, I’d feel confident enough to buy the Pro version. Any idea if this is at least feasible?