Example Scenes missing animations for Bot and agents on heads

Tried free and pro package. Bot animations are missing in both. Not a big deal I guess but any way.

Also I created sample project from tutorial and characters are climbing on heads of each other by a slope I have on a level. Slope is marked as obstacle in graph, but characters move each other and eventialy one of them get on slope and then on top of another character. Any way to fix this? I guess I can use vertical collider but this behavoir may be possible in other situations.

Image of stacked bots: https://imgur.com/a/CstfGEJ

And GIF: https://giphy.com/gifs/VdzFPs1n5tGw3vD0Fy

This looks fun but is the a way to turn this off?

Hey, you might want to take a look at RVO it’s a system specifically designed to give agents awareness of other agents.

Alternatively, not sure if these are using rigid bodies or character controllers. If they do use character controllers you could decrease the step offset.
Or change their collider slightly so that they are taller than the step offset. ( combinations could be made here too)

Thanks for help, will try these ones!