Estimated release of the beta version?

I feel like the beta version (currently on 4.3.46) has been in development for a long time now.

I want to strip down AIPath to its bare components but still have it work with RVO. However, this seems like a pretty heavy investment considering a beta build might break my changes, or, I might have to completely revamp it. Switching to the beta isn’t ideal either, since it might be too much work-in-progress or have other breaking changes which aren’t reliable.

That being said, is there a rough estimate of when the beta may become the new stable release? Should I just switch to the beta and keep using it immediately? What is the recommended course of action here for my situation?

Thanks! :smiley:


The beta uses Unity’s unstable burst apis which are not out of beta yet.
The beta is probably more robust than the non-beta at this point, though. There are not many work-in-progress things.
The beta has pretty much rewritten RVO though. But the RVOController is almost 100% compatible, I think.