Equivalent to Unity's Navmesh.Raycast?

Hi, I am just getting started with Pro and am already super happy with the Recast Navmesh generation. I’m having a hard time finding the answer to my question though… I see LineCast, but I’m worried that it’s just looking for obstacles. I specifically want a function that will return the edge of the navmesh when casting from on to off. I’m using it in a custom AI to find the edge of the navigable world, like cliffs.


BTW this forum system is fantastic. Custom thing?

Ah well, it wasn’t hard to plug into my current code and… great news! It does detect the edge as I had hoped. So, I’m all set. Hopefully this question will help someone in the future who is migrating from Unity Navmesh.Raycast.

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Glad you figured it out!

It is a pretty nice forum system, I agree. It uses https://www.discourse.org/