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Entities as dependency

It maybe a silly question but why the A* Pathfinding Project has listed Entities as a dependency? It clutters my project since I don’t use them. Isn’t there another way of supporting entities-based projects without having everyone to install them?

Or maybe I did something by mistake and now my package needs it?

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Ah, nice. Previously the entities package was required, but it seems like that functionality has been moved to the jobs package (where it actually belongs). I’ll fix this in the next update.


that’s great to hear. Do you have any eta for the next update?

I’ll do an update today.


Hi, might want to udpate the doc page mentioning it as dependency.

I’m preparing my project to go to 4.3 beta and I installed it (which throw tons of errors for some reasons, so I’m glad it’s not required anymore)

Thanks! It will be fixed in the next update.