Enemy walking through my colliders. 2D isometric

Hello! Sorry for bothering with what seems to be an error on my part, I just cannot get it to work. I have read the tutorials and watched a youtube video, but still cannot make it work.

I have an isometric 2d game with 1 character, 1 enemy, and a grid with 3 tilesets, 1 of them being the collider one.

I managed to make an enemy move and follow me, but it just doesn’t respect the colliders. It is maybebecause the colliders are just too smal?? should I place several in a row to make it safer?

This is my set up: (Edit: Click the image to open, it is an album with 4 images)

The red transparent walls are the colliders.

I just can’t seem to figure out why if the drawn path (with the gizmo) is correct, why is the enemy moving through the wall ignoring the path?
I have tried to make the enemy collider diameter bigger, and also to decrease the node size in order for it to be more precise.

It must be something I didnt do or didn’t configure.

I havent used rigidbody in the enemy because adding it makes it not want to walk. (maybe thats related???) If I’m not mistaken, it should still work properly with no rigidbody, as I can see in the youtube video, right??

Thank you all for your time!


I would try decreasing the ‘Pick Next Waypoint Distance’ field on the AIPath script. That will make the agent follow the path mroe closely.

It did work… I’m incredibly grateful for the resources you made. Thankyou!!

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