Enemy Avoidance


Using the A* pathfinding with RAIN AI which has so far has proven very good. Just wanted to ask about claiming paths. I have enemies that patrol and will occasionally will patrol along very similar routes. What I’m noticing though is that my enemies walk into one another rather than being intellegent enough to plot different paths. Is there something I’m doing wrong? They’re quite big enemies so I’m wondering if the enemies are not claiming the space required to be intraversable.

Edit: I should mention RAIN is not interfearing with path finding at all.



Paths are not reserved. Doing that requires using significantly more sophisticated algorithms (usually called “cooperative pathfinding”). This is not done in any game I have seen.

What you can try is

  1. Use the alternative path modifier. It will try to select slightly different paths for different units. (make sure you use the latest beta since there is a bug that was fixed for it in 3.6.7).
  2. Use some kind of local avoidance (I think RAIN has some of that built in).

Starcraft 2 for example simply pushes units away. Regardless of how large they are.

Ok great. How do we access the beta?


You can visit this page http://arongranberg.com/astar/download