endDistanceReached setting doesn't seem to have any effect

I am using RichAI on a recast graph. No matter what I set the endDistanceReached value to, the seeker always plows right into the target. I may be wrong, though isn’t the intention for the seeker to stop at the given distance away (or given time). I have tried messing with many configurations of settings for endDistanceReached, stoptime (something like that), and acceleration. In the end, I have resorted to running a separate check for distance and disabling the RichAI component once within distance. This isn’t the worst solution I suppose, though I wanted to know if there was an officially sanctioned method for stopping them?



The endReachedDistance is the threshold for when the AI calls the OnTargetReached method which can be used in custom code to do stuff when the AI has reached its target.

Currently it is not possible to get this behavior without a tiny bit of code.
For the particular behavior that you want, I suggest downloading the beta. Then you can add this code to a component

void Update () {
    ai.isStopped = ai.targetReached;

The AIPath script in the beta can do this without any code (and these settings will likely soon be added to the RichAI script as well).
It has a parameter called ‘whenCloseToDestination’ which determines how the AI should move when within a distance of ‘endReachedDistance’ from the end of the path. The default value is ContinueToExactTarget, but you can change it to Stop, this will make the AI slow down as quickly as possible when it gets within ‘endReachedDistance’ units from the target. The result of this is equivalent to what the code above would do for the RichAI component.