Elevator Script? How to

I saw in the youtube video you had an elevator but I cant find it in the exampels? Where may I find them and if not how can I achieve the same thing? Thanks!


If I remember correctly those elevators were very hacky.
Basically what I did was that I had a link (NodeLink2) so that the character would move to the platform. Then I had a trigger on the platform itself which detected when the character moved on top of it and when it did it would force the character to stop, move the elevator platform using an animation, and then allow the character to move again.

Ah sounds like quite a hack indead, do you have a sample scene setup for me to take a look at it? Id really appreciate that :smile:


Sorry. It was quite a while ago I made that scene. I think I have lost it :frowning:

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Do you think you could remake a simple elevator scene for me to look at as reference? You should definitely include it in the latest version! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also any explanation why use NodeLink2 and not the others? The documentation doesnt state much of them to know the difference or how to really use them


Sorry, I am busy with some other projects right now so unfortunately I do not have the time for that.
Yeah, the NodeLink documentation is pretty bad. Iā€™m not very happy with the current system and I want to improve it in the future. But essentially the NodeLink (no 2) script will create a direct connection between the nodes, however that does not allow one to specify a position inside a node to start from (in navmesh graphs the nodes can be quite large) and it is tricky to even detect the special links since they look exactly like all other links. NodeLink2 will insert two new nodes at the start and end of the link and then connect those nodes with the rest of the graph.