Editor Lockup + A Native Collection has not been disposed + athfinding.GridGraph+GridGraphScanData.ReadFromNodes assertion

Using astarpathfindingproject_master_pro_dev_4_3_34_f1547300
This didn’t happen with the non-beta last I tried it, scene asn’t changed since then


Happens in a scene where I load a saved grid graph

Didn’t see the issues in other scenes, although it may not necessarily be due to the grid graph. I do a lot of other stuff, such as dynamic obstacles.

I’ll try to pull the scene out of the project, but without the gameplay updates such as dynamic obstacles it may not happen

Problems seems to be this code:

// Check what seems to be fastest, to update the union of prevBounds and newBounds in a single request
			// or to update them separately, the smallest volume is usually the fastest
			if (BoundsVolume(merged) < BoundsVolume(newBounds) + BoundsVolume(prevBounds))
				// Send an update request to update the nodes inside the 'merged' volume
				// Send two update request to update the nodes inside the 'prevBounds' and 'newBounds' volumes
				if (newBounds.extents != Vector3.zero)

DynamicGridObstacle2.cs.txt (11.6 KB) hs

Update 3:
I removed DoUpdateGraphs(); from OnEnable() and it no longer freezes on startup, but can still permanently lockup the editor with the same pattern of errors later on.

It seems that AstarPath.active.UpdateGraphs is broken in this scenario in the latest version of the editor, and the only way around it is to not call that function