Edit unwalkable nodes - Beginner A* question

Hi there,

New to A* and using it in Unity to for enemy pathfinding. I have platforms that use a composite tilemap collider. The unwalkable nodes that have been placed on my graph do not allow for my enemies to traverse under platforms. See picture below. How can I remedy this?

Thank you!


Check the grid graph collision settings. Maybe you want to tweak the ‘diameter’ setting to something a tiny bit smaller.

Hi @aron_granberg,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve done that and it appears to solve for my problem of enemies not flying under platforms, however now my enemy follows the path a bit TOO closely… If I were to jump below a platform, I’d expect the enemy to path around the platform to me. Instead, it just runs into the platform making small increments in the pathway until it’s able to move around the corner. How could i avoid this from happening?


Note that side-scrolling platformer type pathfinding is not really something that is supported by this package.

In any case, for this particular issue I’d recommend you to set the ‘Cut Corners’ option to false on the grid graph.