ECS Drawing - Avoiding jobHandle Complete


I’ve been really impressed with ALINE and found it well worth the price, so thank you! However, I have been having some small performance issues, which usually would be ok but I need to optimize my game as much as possible because of the large number of systems and entities (currently sitting on ~180 systems and ALINE can add several ms to frame rate).

Currently, in the ALINE docs, it says to call JobHandle complete before disposing of the builder. However, this creates a sync point and I’ve found that using multiple drawing jobs takes a considerable hit on performance. Especially so, if I perform the line-drawing in a long-running job, which in one instance I would prefer to do instead of separating it out into a separate job. Are there any plans to improve the dependency handling in ALINE, to instead pass in the job handle as a dependency to the builder disposal function which has become the norm in the new SystemBase methodology? I took a look at the code to see if I could do it, but it was over-my-head.


Yes, I’ve been planning to add that for exactly this reason.

Awesome, great to hear! Any idea at this stage on timescale?

Not at the moment I’m afraid.