DynamicGridObstacle equivalent for Recast graph in 4.x?

Does version 4.x have an equivalent for DynamicGridObstacle if I want to use a RecastGraph instead of a LayeredGridGraph? I have buildings which can be placed. moved, and removed at runtime. I tried Pathfinding.RecastTileUpdate and Pathfinding.RecastMeshObj, but the AI did not path around the objects the same way that they are with DynamicGridObstacle.


Technically DynamicGridObstacle will work for a recast graph as well. However it will be very slow as recalculating a recast tile is much slower than updating a grid graph.

Instead I recommend that you use navmesh cutting. See https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/navmeshcutting.php

I thought that navmesh cutting thing did not work for objects which can be placed, moved, or removed. I thought it can only block existing paths by placing objects.

I am making a castle building game where you can walk along destructible walls. So if a wall is destroyed you can no longer walk along the top of it. However you can now walk through the hole in the wall.

Is Navmesh cutting still going to work here?

Is there any benefit to using recast graph for the terrain but Navmesh cutting for the walls? If so can i mix and match like that?