Dynamic navmesh generation


I am trying to determine if I need the Free or Pro version, or if this is even supported in the software.

I am making a procedural generated map out of a bunch of pre-made modules. I can’t use Unity’s basic navigation mesh generation because the end geometry of the map won’t be known until runtime.

I was looking through the feature lists and I can’t tell whether generating a navmesh on during runtime is supported or not. I saw ‘Graph Recalculation’ is supported, but I don’t know if that’s what I need or not.

Thanks for the help


That is what you need.
Everything that can be done in the editor can be done during runtime.
The free version contains a grid graph which would likely work well for this as recalculating grid graphs is comparatively quick.

Wonderful! I am trying out the free version and it seems like exactly what I need. I do have one question, though.
I am working through the Grid Graph tutorial on the documentation, and I noticed that Grid Graph doesn’t seem to support walking on surfaces both above and below a ledge.

[ http://i.imgur.com/RyjePLC.png ]

Is this an inherent downside of Grid Graph, or is there an option for raycasts to continue to lower areas? I don’t mind using a less optimized method of graphing if it’s required, since I will only be recalculating the graph at the beginning of runtime in most situations.

Thanks so much for the help so far.


The pro version supports a layered grid graph which works like the grid graph but has support for multiple levels (it only supports 4 neighbours per node though, not 8).
The pro version also has recast graphs which are slower to generate, but in general result in much higher quality navmeshes (similar to Unity’s navmesh system).